Change of plans

So it seems that I will not be taking the CELTA course this June as planned. I will in fact be saying in Korea for another month. My branch had a runner (a teacher that leaves without giving notice). He waited for payday, then got on a plane and went home to the US.

The school has plans to replace him, but they just can’t get someone here in time for the new term. So just two days before I was scheduled to leave, my manager asked me to stay just one more month. Not only will he compensate me extra for working the extra month, he will cover all my expenses related to canceling the trip.

For days I agonized over the decision, and truly didn’t know what I was going to do until the morning I was supposed to leave. But I decided to stay because of both the compensation and the chance this gives me for some extra time with my coworkers. Also, maybe I can synchronize my travel plans with Gill, since we will now be leaving at the same time.

This also gives me extra time to shore up certain parts of my experience in Korea – including maybe saying goodbye to the country for a while. I know that I will be back someday, but I will also be taking a hard look at other opportunities. This time I may be exploring life in China, Latin America, or other parts of the USA. Korea has become comfortable, a second home of sorts, but I don’t want  to get stuck here. I want to push myself to have new experiences.

I plan to take this extra month to do some of the things have been meaning to do in Korea. I also want to see all my Korean friends again, in case I don’t return for a while. I want to use all my weekends and most of my Wednesdays to get out and do things around the country.

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