June 7 2010 – 2 months in

I’ve had a number of empowering experiences lately.

Last weekend I invited several friends over – Cody, Lynn, Jamin and 이여진 to my apartment in 전주. We had a great weekend, visiting the Hanok Village and watching the world cup. After they left I also tried riding my first Jeonju bus!

At work I’ve gotten several good reviews from Justin, and things just seem to be falling into place. For the first time I feel like I’m not just some kid pretending to be an adult, I feel like I’m a real, live adult growing into my place in this world. That doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly from here on out – but I’ve never felt more capable in my life, and I love it. But more to the point, I feel like I’m really starting to think creatively about my classes – I feel like I’m actually living up to the motto posted on my door – “work is love made visible.” I feel like I’m actually putting my love and abilities into my kids – building a house as if my beloved were to dwell within, so to speak.

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