Work is love made visible

My name is Seth Newsome, I’m 25 years old, graduated in 2008, and like many of my generation I am feeling a bit confused as I enter adulthood. I am also a bit disillusioned about the value of my time spent at university. Instead of more university education, I have decided to pursue a more practical education.

My whole life both my parents have had some stock pieces of advice for me. My dad tells me “find your passion,” while my mom instructs me, “be a good person, and remember to have fun.” She has also told me, “don’t settle down till you’re at least 30, get some adventuring done while you’re young.” I’ve decided to take both my parents at their word, and this blog is a journal of my adventures and finding my “passion”.

I am currently pursuing a series of work experiences and adventures, collectively titled my “passion project.” These include a variety of interests I’ve had throughout my life – from childhood dreams and school interests to hobbies and suggestions made by friends and family.

This blog is a chronicle of this passion project, named after a line from one of my favorite poems “On Work” by Khalil Gibran, which describes the ideal of what “work” should be. I have posted at the end of this entry after the break.

Thank you for reading my blog, please leave a comment if you stopped by, whether I know you or not.

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